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Coach outlet online nodded his head, the other party say now know the situation with him about, but now he want to know, is also face many continental power. Lingnan now in addition to the iron jian alliance led by coalition forces, what other continental power league, how their strength.

Young man without any hesitation, again replied, and with the most ancient four big league family, their power is the strongest in the league, whether in the mainland, and in this time sent to Hong Kong people are so, like the day before yesterday, Mr. Murong, shangguan, syma four families of four elders first master in the younger generation in a lead down to Coach factroy outlet online. In addition to the last in the strongest family alliance, the last in a family of six, although there is no big four family inheritance for thousands of years, culture deep, but it's also a rapid rise in nearly hundreds of years of strong family, as far as we get news, six junior family were sent two of the younger generation and with a part of his top players to come over. , there are several other forces in the league, on the theory of strength is not our iron jian door alliance, has no qualifications for the treasure, even if be, impos